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Fuji apples are a late fall apple harvested from late to mid November. They are typically a blush red color with a yellow background. Fuji apples are known for their high sugar levels, making them one of the sweetest, best eating apples. Fuji apples are also good for salads, pies, baking and freezing. 

Availability: September through June

Granny Smith apples are harvested from mid September to late October. They are the most popular green colored apple, and are characterized by their tart flavor and firm texture. Granny Smith apples are especially good for baking, and taste great in salads or fresh. 

Availability: September through May

Gala apples are an early fall apple harvested from mid August to early September. They are red striped with a pale yellow background color. Gala apples are considered a sweet dessert apple and are excellent for eating fresh or using in a variety of dishes. 

Availabilty: September through March

Pink Lady apples are harvested in early November. They have a distinctive reddish-pink blush with a yellow background color. Cripps Pink apples are crisp and juicy with a sweet-tart flavor, and are great to eat fresh or cook with. 

Availability: November through May

Honeycrisp apples are an early fall variety harvested in early September. They are a red blush on a cream to yellow background. Honeycrisp apples are described as having a sweet-tart taste with a distinctly crisp texture. Honeycrisp are perfect for eating fresh and are also good for cooking. 

Availability: September through November