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Auvil Fruit Flavor Quality is Beyond Compare


Growing apples doesn’t happen without blossoming trees. Yet, fewer blossoms means enhanced flavor and optimal fruit quality. To achieve that, Auvil Fruit conducts blossom thinning each year – by hand. Most growers use chemicals to minimize the blossoms. That process is harsher on the plant and compromises overall quality. Auvil invests extra time and resources into doing it manually which captures wasted energy from the trees and results in better flavor that’s beyond compare.

Apple trees only need about five percent of its flower blossoms to generate a crop. The other 95 percent is wasted energy that Auvil captures through blossom thinning. By capturing all that energy in the trees, it is not only is good for the trees, it means Auvil grows top quality Gee Whiz apples that are consistently delicious.

Auvil carries out a similar process with its cherry trees through bud thinning. The results are the same. It optimizes the burst of flavor and quality found in every cherry.

At the end of the day Auvil is not looking to save money and sacrifice quality over quantity. We take pride in our rich history that covers three generations, and we are passionate about our people and about producing world-class fruit by doing what it takes to achieve that. Our results speak for themselves. We produce fruit with flavor that is beyond compare.

Gee Whiz. Passion meets flavor in every bite.